1. Established purpose:

This scholarship is designed to reward students with excellent academic performance in the department and is donated by all the full-time teachers of the department.


  1. Methods of awarding scholarships
  1. Quota and amount: Scholarship quota: 1. Student from each grade in the day department per semester (4 students in total), 1 student from the entry class each semester, and 1 student from the all-English taught class each semester. Each student will be awarded a scholarship of NT$5,000.
  2. Eligibility:
  1. University students of the Department of Information Engineering.
  2. The total average of the last semester is above 75 (minimum 9 credits).
  3. Conduct score more than 80.
  4. Those who have not received other campus scholarship.
  1. Materials to be submitted: Application and last semester transcript. (Original copy required
  2. Application period: From now until 4pm on November 17th.

Submit to the CSIE department office.

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